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Online Training

Australia | New Zealand | Singapore | Hong Kong

AML360 provides an 85 minute, multi-jurisdictional, online course covering New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.


Learning Outcomes

The AML360 online course has been developed to provide an understanding of how to identify, prevent and report money laundering and terrorism financing.


We use a blend of workplace simulations and interactive activities.

Target Audience

This training is primarily aimed at employees of organisations that have a reporting obligation under anti-money laundering legislation.

Training Content

You can view the full training content by clicking here.

Learning Management System

Administrators can assign and generate reports from a single administrative interface.

Your administrator can monitor employee progress from the learning management system. To receive this authority, the permission level should be set to 'Admin' at time of subscription.

Administrators can assign and generate reports from a single administrative interface.

Reporting Dashboard

Short Demo

You can purchase and view a short demonstration of the course by clicking on the image below, then click on the 'Find Out More' button.


The course remains available for 12-months.

On Premise Training

If your business wishes to supplement online training with a specialist training course designed to the nature, size and complexity of your business, AML360 can provide a professional AML/CFT training instructor.

Dr. Nicholas Gilmour, a co-founder of AML360 can provide 2 hours of class-room training (physical or virtual) incorporating case studies and topics specific to your industry sector.

Dr Nicholas Gilmour has worked with global and national AML/CFT stakeholders in New Zealand, the Middle East, Australia and the United Kingdom to improve understanding and successfully incorporate international best practice associated with the prevention of money laundering andterrorism financing.

With a background as senior advisor to various governments and a former lecturer at Massey University in New Zealand and Charles Sturt University in Australia, Nicholas is able to provide your business with insightful and meaningful training for the anti-money laundering landscape.


The cost for preparation of the training material and delivery of 2-hours training is NZD800, for a class size of up to 20 individuals.

Additional costs of travel may apply.

Express your Interest

If you wish to confirm Dr. Gilmour's services for this 2-hour training session, please send an email to