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An online solution to eliminate complexities and reduce costs for completing an anti-money laundering business risk assessment.

Already configured to the regulatory risk based approach, just log into your account, select relevant data on screen, then click "Calculate".


Reliability: AML360 was a pioneer of the digital business risk assessment. We are recognised as an innovative software vendor for anti-money laundering compliance.

Improved Allocation of Human Resourcing: AML360 provides your organisation with 24/7 access to a tailored digital compliance platform. We also include an option for professional oversight of your compliance obligations. These fees start at USD200.

Easy Updates: Do not use your scarce human resourcing to try and reinvent the wheel. Simplify compliance monitoring and reporting with a single login. Updates can be completed within minutes. It does not get any easier.

Flexibility: Login to your account and complete when business time permits. Save and return at your convenience.

One Click Reporting: The dashboard provides your AML Compliance Officer with one click reporting for compliance reports and risk heat maps.

Getting Started

We Make It Easy

A responsible person from your organisation simply logs into your compliance platform, selects relevant data on screen, then clicks "calculate".


AML360's technology is independently evaluated by AML compliance professionals, auditors and AML supervisors.

Risk Outcomes

The report will identify higher risk areas in your business and explain the risks. The report also includes recommendations on how to mitigate those risks with policies, procedures and controls.

Ongoing Monitoring

Management Reporting

You can use filters from the compliance dashboard to establish senior management reports.


Updates can be completed within minutes - ensuring you stay on top of compliance.

Reduce Costs

Reduce human resourcing commitment and reduce operational compliance costs.

Heat Maps

Eliminate noise. Heat maps provide quick interpretation, allowing stakeholders to understand risks without being consumed by bulky reports.

Global Solution

AML360's regulatory technology adapts to all countries who have responsibility of meeting the regulatory risk based approach, as recommended by the Financial Action Task Force.